Kids Store from the Samsung Galaxy S5 shown off

Galaxy S5

The Kids Mode feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 was already spoken about before the launch of the smartphone last week. And now, a new screenshot has confirmed the arrival of the dedicated Kids Store which comes along with it.

Naturally, this will include both games and educational applications to bring a perfect mixture of fun and learning for the little ones in your family. The screenshots reveal a very kid friendly user interface, so it’s not hard to navigate between apps. We’re guessing there will be some restrictions for the purchase of paid apps here.

This is an extension of the Kids Mode feature which will allow your children to use the Galaxy S5 with their own set of apps and functions. Samsung is also including plenty of parental controls with the app which will allow them to monitor what their kids watch or play. So this could be quite a beneficial feature if you intend to share your smartphone with the kids in the family.

Galaxy S5 Kids Store

Via: Sam Mobile

12 Replies to “Kids Store from the Samsung Galaxy S5 shown off”

  1. I’m not too sure about that. Samsung has made a lot of different stores that they said would be popular. To this day, I haven’t seen one blow up with popularity. Just look at the S Pen store. It’s a ghost town.

  2. I just wish Samsung will not advertise this feature on kids’ cartoon channels. It will make a difference. 🙂

  3. Yeah Samsung is targeting kids. i don’t think Samsung is adding it there just for a show.
    If kids can get their hands on an S5 with this app, this can mean more expenditures for parents.
    I’m glad I heard of this before my nephew does or he would be begging for more games.

  4. Another headache for parents I guess.
    Samsung knows that parents struggle not to give in to kids when they ask.
    smart move for Samsung.

  5. Yeah. Samsung already has so many stores for so many stuff. I think its a big waste of money, time, and effort. But I guess the big picture here is that the company will be porting all that to its Tizen platform.

  6. Do you think battery will be a major issue? I am really fed up with the battery of my existing phone. I have to recharge it twice a day!

  7. All right. A new phone for my 12 year old cousin then! I told him about the kids store, and he is already asking me to buy this.

  8. I agree, its a bloatware. And it might be really irritating for a real android user like you and me. But, with this phone Samsung is really concentrating on the children.

  9. I think Samsung has made a good survey in India. Parents these days buy phones, just for their children to play with it. So, I think this is gonna be a real click.

  10. Nope, it doesn’t look lightweight at all. Is the Google Play Store not good enough for Samsung or something?

  11. I agree, more bloatware. Any by the looks of it, I don’t think the app is light weight. This is going to run int he background as well. So that’s more battery drain and data usage. Why Samsung, why?

  12. A dedicated Kids store sounds nice in theory, but I feel like it just adds more bloatware to the device. Is Samsung not hearing its customers? Less garbage on the smartphone, please.

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