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India Gets The Moto X On March 19th


The Moto X is continuing its expansion. Just a day after launching in Australia, the Moto X is now available for purchase in India. An in more than the Black and White colors as well.

As usual, the hardware under the hood is still exactly the same, so there are no differences there. But unlike in Australia and the UK, you get more than the Black and White color variations. You get these colors at the time of posting:

  • Black
  • Cherry
  • Royal Blue
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Teak
  • Walnut

There’s a catch, though. The Black and White models will be the only ones available at launch. The other colors won’t arrive until the 2nd week of April. And only the 16 GB model will be available, regardless of color. The Moto X will also not be LTE-compatible. The non-Wood colors will cost Rs. 23,999 and the Teak and Walnut colors will cost Rs. 25,999.

To get you to buy this phone, Flipkart is also offering some special deals on the Moto X. 10 lucky customers will get their order of the Moto X completely refunded. If you buy the phone on EMI, you will get Rs. 1000 back. Cases for the Moto X are also 70% off.

Despite the limitations, the Moto X after 7 months on the market is still an excellent phone. If you’ve been wanting to get one in India without the hassle of ordering it from an unofficial source, you can now do so. So go ahead and enjoy it, if you’re buying one.

Source: Flipkart via Android Central

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