Images Of Purported Amazon Game Controller Appear


Rumors have been picking up lately that Amazon will be making their own Android-based set-top box. Naturally, it would have to do games as well. Now we might have a first look at the controller that would go with the box.

We can clearly see a number of buttons, with some for gaming and others for navigation. Other than for the Home, Back, and Menu buttons and the media controllers, this looks like a normal game controller, similar to the Xbox One and Playstation 4.


A report that goes along with this controller claims that it will be used an accessory for the set-top box. In fact, the Android navigation buttons aren’t found on the Kindle Fire, but they seem to confirm that the set-top box will be running atop a custom version of Android. The report also says that Amazon was aiming to release their set-top box by holiday 2013, but it was pushed back.



The battle for the TV space is always picking up, with players like Google, Apple, Amazon, Roku, and more all vying to be the center of our attention. When this tablet is eventually released soon, it will be very interesting.

Source: Zatz Not Funny via The Verge

4 Replies to “Images Of Purported Amazon Game Controller Appear”

  1. I’m not a fan of this on appearances alone. It looks too boxy to be ergonomic, but maybe it is one of those controllers that you just have to try out. I didn’t like the look of the Xbox One controller at first but now I like it better than the 360 controller.

  2. I don’t think I like this either. It doesn’t look like a quality product from Amazon. Or probably this is just a prototype.

  3. I’m not liking this controller at all. I’m an Xbox gamer and previously thought that the 360 and One controllers were large, but this takes awkward to a whole new level! The middle is just way too thick.

  4. I love most all things Amazon but this looks weird. It seems like a chunky and maybe clunky ripoff for the PlayStation controller. Is this what they modeled it after?

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