Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 920 chip seen to be on par with the Snapdragon 805

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As new chipsets are launched, it’s customary for them to go through some benchmarking tests so as to properly assess its strengths and weaknesses. Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 920 received similar treatment on AnTuTu recently and the results are quite surprising. If the site’s reading is to be believed, this octa-core chip gained a score of 37,363, which is just a whisker behind the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 which has scored 37,780 on previous tests.

This clearly indicates that Huawei has done a lot of work on its new chipset which runs on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, although it’s not known if it runs all eight cores simultaneously. Similar to Samsung’s implementation, this one runs four high power Cortex-A15 cores and four Cortex-A7 cores with a suggested clock speed of 1.3 GHz.

The chipset was leaked on a device with 2GB of RAM, a 1080p display, 16GB of storage and with Android 4.4.2. But it’s likely that this is merely a prototype device Huawei is testing in its labs right now. So with the performance on par with the Snapdragon 805, Huawei’s new chipset has certainly gained a lot of attention. With the arrival of NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 in the scene as well, things can get really competitive in the coming months.

Huawei Kirin 920

Source: AnTuTu

Via: VR Zone

5 Replies to “Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 920 chip seen to be on par with the Snapdragon 805”

  1. It’s possible, but probably won’t happen for some time. A lot of these companies actually have contracts with Qualcomm, after all.

  2. Not another processor. After MediaTek, this is another processor to compete with Snapdragon? I know MediaTek is doing good, but all these processors will not be custom ROM friendly.

  3. If they price under what Qualcomm sells for, they may be able to attract some attention in order to build up their name in the industry.

  4. Yeah. Its pretty hard to catch up with Snapdragon. Even Exynos is not able to do that, but for the good.

  5. It may be on par with the Snapdragon 805, but keep in mind that it won’t be as widely used, mainly because Qualcomm has become a great name in the industry.

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