HTC Sense 6.0 apps now available for non-HTC devices

HTC M8 Sense 6.0

HTC recently brought some Sense 6.0 specific apps to the Play Store, so that updating these features on HTC devices becomes easier in the future. However, some handy developers over at the XDA Forums have managed to extract these files and make them work on just about any Android device.

This includes apps like HTC Service Pack, Sense TV, HTC Zoe, HTC Gallery, BlinkFeed Launcher as well as HTC Music. Since this is an unofficial port, a few of them are non-functional at the moment, but that could change in the coming days with newer ports and updates.

At the moment, apps like HTC Music, HTC Zoe and Sense TV appear to be functioning properly while Blinkfeed Launcher and HTC Gallery can be installed but don’t work.

It was recently announced that all these apps will make its way to non-HTC devices officially, so this will merely give you an early preview of things to come. If you’re interested in trying these apps out, head over to the XDA page from the link below and follow the instructions as needed.

Source: XDA Forums

Via: Cult of Android