HTC One (M8) will be Available in Stealth Red and Stealth Black Colors

HTC launched its next flagship high end smartphone the HTC One M8 just a few days ago and we got to know that it would be available in Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver and Amber Gold.  Today, we are learning that devices with two more unique colors are in the works and it is likely that Stealth Red and Stealth Black variants of the new HTC One (M8) will be available in the near future.


If you were looking forward to buying this phone but do not like the available colors so much, you may have two more colors to choose from, but we cannot promise you that the color means changes in specs or price.  According to a report published on HTC Source, the Taiwanese manufacturer is working on the two new stealth colors to provide more options for its customers as it moves to solidify its early lead in the high end smartphones war.

Looking closely at the choice colors of the already launched HTC One (M8) will tell you that color is more than just a statement in these phones – they are more like style and definitive allocation to genders.  Amber Gold sounds so feminine and the Gunmetal Gray color is definitely masculine and Glacial Silver is a color for either.  The new stealth black and stealth red colors too have a greater meaning – but perhaps this time it’s class, not just gender.

Based on two advertisements done via Google Search, HTC will notifies those searching for “Red HTC One M8” that the device is available in this color as well as black in a text ad.  If HTC makes these colors all available on the same device, for the same price and at the same time, buyers will be spoilt of choice but will it increase their sales?

Do you consider the different color variants of the new HTC One M8 a deciding factor when on the fence about buying the device?  Let us know what you think.


6 Replies to “HTC One (M8) will be Available in Stealth Red and Stealth Black Colors”

  1. I am not a big fan of HTC but I do really like the color choices. You seldom see a stunning color when it comes to phones these days, most of the time those are reserved for things like cars, not a smartphone. I still dig the colors even though I would not personally buy one.

  2. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S5, this is a big disappointment, at least in terms of the camera on board. The dual camera arrangement for capturing the depth is good, but the camera quality is not really impressive. My Nexus 5 takes really better pictures. And there is no OIS as well.

  3. Chris83, that’s interesting because I had the exact opposite experience. I have owned the HTC EVO, the EVO 4G and now the HTC One (m7) as well as the Samsung SgII and I prefer the build quality of the HTC of Samsung any day. I also have had less issues with bugs but software and hardware. (my SGII was replaced twice under warranty)

  4. This is one phone I think I will be passing up. I have had both HTC and Samsung phones in the past and I definitely prefer Samsung over HTC. I haven’t been impressed with anything I’ve read about this phone, yet.

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