HTC M8 Wallpapers And Sounds Leak


Now that the hardware has pretty much unmasked, now it’s the software’s turn. We’ve seen that the new HTC One is already running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Sense 5, but we haven’t heard many of the sounds from the device or seen the wallpapers. Yet here we are.

There are 18 wallpapers in total, mostly revolving around nature and geometric shapes. The resolution of the wallpapers is 2160 x 1920, which means these wallpapers will be scrollable, like on most other devices these days. You can download all the wallpapers and sounds from our links, but here they are for viewing.

All these wallpapers looks really nice. On the HTC M8’s screen they will look exceptionally good. And the sounds, while a bit muted, will sound very good on the new HTC One’s Boomsound speakers. To install the sounds, you need to have root access on your device. But for the wallpapers, just save them to your phone and “Apply As Wallpaper”.

Source: XDA via Android Police

Download: Wallpapers, Sounds

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  1. The wallpaper look neat. But that is not the most important thing. You can always have your own custom Wallpaper. If the display is good, any high resolution picture would look good on the device.

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