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HTC M8 Gets Leaked Yet Again In New Photos And Video


The new HTC One (codenamed the M8) has gotten leaked yet again. HTC literally has their worst-kept secret as being unofficial until their March 25th event in London. It’s almost iPhone 4 bad at this point. But, we might as well look at the new photos and video.

There’s not really much new here, except that we can see that these are the China Mobile and T-Mobule US models. There is a short (and shaky) video of the T-Mobile variant in action. With the video, we can see that the phone is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and HTC Sense 6.0

But we can also see the IMEI number, but this video is a mirror of the original, which was deleted. Still, I feel sorry for the person who uses this phone, as they might lose their job over this leak.

There are also photos of a China Mobile variant of the HTC M8. These also show nothing new, other than there will be a China Mobile logo on the back of the device. Still, it’s a look nonetheless.

So this phone is going to be officially shown off on March 25th at HTC’s event in London. We already know almost everything about this phone, but we thankfully don’t know all of it. But will you be buying this phone?

Source: and YouTube via Android Central

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