HTC All New One to go on sale immediately after Announcement on Next Tuesday

The All New HTC One will be announced on March 25th in an event that will take place in both London and New York and interestingly, rumor has it that the device will be available for sale ‘just minutes’ after it is announced at 6 different locations in London according to Carphone, a UK retailer.  We pretty much know almost everything there is to know about the device and some of the hottest features including an aluminum body like that of its predecessor the HTC One, the unique dual cameras at the back and completely new features of HTC Sense topping the list, the availability date will be a big relief to many.

HTC All New HTC One Gold

Earlier today, a HTC accessory manufacturer Spigen revealed that accessories for the All New HTC One (M8) will be made available sometime in mid-April, giving an indication that the device would be available then.  However, information that the device will be on the shelves right after launch leaves us wondering whether it will be released a month before the accessories are available or could Carphone be wrong.  I lean towards Spigen being a speculator, just like the rest of us, and HTC fanatics in London could own the device as soon as this time next week!

HTC has released a number of teaser videos highlighting some top features of the device including an all-metal design, an Ultra pixel camera and dual front speakers, a feature that seems to have captivated many especially when it was introduced last year.  With other giants in the smartphone market gearing up for release of their own high end smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy S5, LG’s G3 and of Apple’s iPhone 6, the game may now be played on availability dates since other manufacturers have hinted on when their devices will be available.

HTC has no intention to play wait games if it indeed will announce the HTC All New One M8 and make it available right away in London, but will the same happen in the US when the device is unveiled in New York?  UK’s Carphone Warehouse jumped the gun and spoiled the surprise, but we would love it so much if one retailer in the US did the same, but for now we can just rest assured that there is are definitely AT&T and Verizon versions of the All New HTC One (M8) and they may start selling as early as next week.

Sources: Ubergizmo and Carphone Warehouse via

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  1. Good news. We will be able to buy it soon after the announcement, which is not usually the case.

  2. I’m pretty sure they will open the online store for this phone just minutes after the announcement.

  3. Is that just a rumor right now or it is legitimate truth? I don’t know many things that are released right as something this big happens. Will there be any chances to order ahead of time instead of trying to rush the stores?

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