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How to Successfully Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4

Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4

One email in The Droid Guy Mailbag asks about how to successfully connect Pebble with Galaxy S4. This article provides a quick guide for you to link your smartwatch with your Samsung smartphone.

Steps to Connect Pebble with Galaxy S4

Follow these steps to link both devices which were provided by a blog from TechLoverHD:

1. Download the Pebble app from the Google Play store and install it in your Galaxy S4.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the Galaxy S4 when prompted by the Pebble smartwatch.

3. Pair the two devices. You will get a notification in your smartwatch if the pairing is successful.

4. Configure the notification settings of the Pebble app as you prefer. For example, the Notification settings will help the smartwatch filter the alerts that you really need from the ones which are only spam. Another is the Music settings that will allow you to integrate the music apps of your smartphone which are supported by the Pebble device.

5. If you wish to enhance your experience as a Pebble user, access the My Pebble feature of your Pebble app and install the watch apps that you need.

6. Lastly, if you want to test whether the configurations that you have set in your Pebble smartwatch are working smoothly, just access Sample Notifications and select the corresponding phone app that you wish to check.

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Source: TechLoverHD

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