How to Clear Cache and Clear Data in Various Android Versions

clear cache and clear data in different android versions

As mentioned in a previous article pointing out the difference between clear cache and clear data, the process of clearing these two regularly will help you solve various problems related to apps.

We already know that the process to do this is by doing these steps:

  • Access Settings.
  • Go to Application Manager or Apps. Note that you can locate these options in some devices under the More tab.
  • Get to the All tab.
  • Select the problematic app.
  • Either tap the Clear Cache or Clear Data button.

However, the steps are only applicable to units running at least Android 4.0 Jelly Bean. So, for the benefit of those who are running earlier Android versions in their devices, here are ways to do this from the 1.5 version up to 3.0:

Android 1.5 to 1.6

  • Starting from the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Look for the app that you want to fix.
  • You can now select the Clear Cache or Clear Data virtual button.

Android 2.1

  • Repeat the same steps above until you reach the Manage Applications portion.
  • Press the Menu key.
  • Select Filter.
  • Choose All.
  • Tap the app that needs to be fixed.
  • Now, you have the Clear Cache and Clear Data options.

Android 2.2 up to 3.0

  • Go to Menu by pressing its key.
  • Proceed to Settings.
  • Choose Applications.
  • Tap Manage Applications.
  • Make sure that you have tapped the All tab.
  • Choose the app is giving errors.
  • You will find the Clear Cache and Clear Data virtual keys there.

As you can see on the methods presented, the process to clear cache and clear data only varies slightly in certain Android versions. But basically, these all involve getting to the App Manager and selecting the app that you wish to clear from there.

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  1. very informative. this article can make for a handy reference. I have older phone models (i don’t throw my phones or resell them) so this is very helpful.
    I never knew clearing the cache in 2.2 is the same as the version 3.

  2. I am going to bookmark this article! I can barely remember how to clear the cookies on my computer, let alone how to do it on my smartphone.

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