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How to Cleanly Pair HTC One Bluetooth with Ford Truck

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“I just upgraded to the recent firmware version of the HTC One. Since then, my Bluetooth will not play music to my Ford truck SYNC system. I still receive calls through my Bluetooth system, this works great. But the music player will not play. When I tell the SYNC system to play music, I see my phone come up on the dash, but the music never comes through. The Music player is playing on the phone, no sound out of the phone and no sound from the SYNC system. This all worked flawlessly before my latest update from HTC. Any ideas? P.S. Everything has been recycled, truck obviously shut off and turned on, also the phone restarted.”

Delete the HTC One Bluetooth Pairing with Ford Vehicle

If you are experiencing the same HTC One Bluetooth problem with your Ford truck, the possible remedy to this is by performing a “Clean Pairing” of your smartphone and trucks system. To do this, follow the steps below, as provided by Ford Lane Tech:

1. Start your truck.

2. Turn both the truck’s radio and your phone (or restart it).

3. Proceed to Phone Menu.

4. Choose System Settings followed by Bluetooth Devices.

5. Select Delete Device.

6. Choose your HTC One from the list.

7. Press OK.

8. On the phone, access the Settings folder.

9. Get to Bluetooth Settings.

10. Under the Connected Devices delete the phone.

Perform a Factory Reset on the Ford Truck

The source advises as an added measure to perform the following steps to Factory Reset your vehicles settings:

1. Turn off the engine of the truck.

2. Open its hood.

3. Detach the battery cable clamp assembly from the battery post for at least a minute.

4. Reattach it tightly.

5. Close the hood and restart its engine. Let it run for five minutes.

6. Turn off the engine of the truck.

7. Open the door to ensure that everything is powered down.

8. Restart the engine.

Note that the effect of this is similar to a phone’s Factory Reset, so expect to lose all your settings after including clock configurations and programmed stations. An alternative for this is by pulling the Sync fuse from the fuse box of the truck.

After these, pair your phone and truck’s radio normally and everything should return to the way they used to be.

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Source: Ford Lane Tech

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