Google’s latest acquisition hints at deeper gaming integration with the rumored Nexus TV

Atlas Controller

Google has confirmed its acquisition of Green Throttle Games, which is renowned for the Atlas gaming controller for Android devices. However, with the companion app mysteriously missing from the Play Store and the company basically going defunct, fans of the service have turned against the company. But this acquisition might change all that as a rumor claims that Google could be looking to implement their services for its upcoming home set top box, dubbed the Nexus TV.

Two of the three co-founders of the company – Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend will now join the Google team after the acquisition. There’s not a lot known about this Nexus TV, apart from the fact that it’s a Google TV refresh and will break cover this year, possibly at the I/O event in June.

Implementation of a gaming service could go a long way in making the Nexus TV a success. This would rival the likes of Ouya, which is among the few Android based gaming consoles that have actually caught our attention.

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7 Replies to “Google’s latest acquisition hints at deeper gaming integration with the rumored Nexus TV”

  1. Just because there has been an acquisition does not mean everything from the past goes away. There are many acquisitions that turn out for the better, hopefully this is one of them. I would love to see Nexus TV and gaming come together forming something new rather than the few things we have going on now.

  2. Nexus TV? Wow. Looks like Google is not in the mood to abandon it’s Nexus line. Maybe if we could couple it with a Android Gaming Console made by Asus, it would be even better. I hope the pricing on Nexus TV is competitive like the other Nexus device. Also I hope they release it worldwide.

  3. What all will TVs be able to do this year? Gaming is becoming very serious this year with Android and even smartwatches are also becoming very series with Android. I think the smartphone era is gone and this year will be more about internet of things.

  4. Google, another Nexus device? You are really trying to define the word “nexus” with your devices. And I’m not complaining. I’ll buy every Nexus device release for sure. 🙂

  5. This is still a rumor, it has not yet been confirmed.But I hope this turns out to be true.

  6. Nexus TV with gaming. Sounds like a gadget that’s definitely going to find its way to my living room.

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