Google Wallet tap-to-pay feature to Stop Supporting non-KitKat Phones Starting April 14th

The Google Wallet payment system is still pretty new in the eCommerce market when you compare them to most popular options but it has been adopted so fast thanks to new features that define most Google products.  Tap-to-pay feature is one of the most revolutionary but if you have been enjoying using it and have an older Android phone, it may be about time to upgrade because starting April 14th, you will not be able to use it unless your device runs on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Google Wallet tap-to-pay

Google is now advising its users to upgrade to KitKat in order to continue using the tap-to-pay feature in order to enjoy the ‘improved user experience’ of the newer operating system and especially for NFC-based payment system.  This is because the company is choosing to use the more universal cloud based approach to process your bank information when you are making payments – perhaps to make it faster and safer.

Unfortunately, even the upgrade will still lock out some devices including the older Nexus 7 table, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and EVO 4G as the devices that will not support tap-to-pay even when they are running the latest version of Android.  Interestingly, the company ruled out the possibility of tap-to-pay working on these devices which leaves us wondering what the deal is.  Let’s wait and see if there will be any change before the April 14th date.

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20 Replies to “Google Wallet tap-to-pay feature to Stop Supporting non-KitKat Phones Starting April 14th”

  1. That is why I prefer debit cards. You can’t spend money if there is no money in the account. So submit a debit card detail which has lesser money. 😛

  2. That’s good. But its scares me when I think that services like Google Wallet have all the required credit card details on their servers.

  3. Few years back, yes. But now the banks have stepped up the security features. So both credit cards and debit cards are both quite secure these days.

  4. I’ve already heard that there are scams and stuff to make money off others’ credit cards. Is that true too?

  5. Well in India, Credit Cards never became popular. The reason being we Indians don’t like the idea of spending first and paying later. And the credit card offers are not that great either.

  6. Its not able buying new phones, its about reducing fragmentation, if you ask me. This means that developers will not have to worry about supporting older versions of Android. This is a good news for developers like me. 🙂

  7. Yeah. Makes sense. I have not seen even a single retailer in Bangalore who accepts payments using Google Wallet. So makes no difference. But I would love to use this type of a service.

  8. Nuisance? Don’t banks encourage you to buy them? They make good money here from credit cards and related services.

  9. The idea is good and convenient but given credit card fraud and security issues, Google Wallet is facing challenges ahead.
    I would personally not use this type of payment scheme…yet.

  10. Why Google? Why? I have invested 30k on phone just a year ago. And now to use this app you ask me to buy a new phone.

  11. You are right. Not many retailers will accept Google Wallet payment and not many people in India have credit cards. So all in all, its not gonna change things in here. What say?

  12. So, does that mean, this is a new strategy by Google and others. So that people buy nexus or any other new phones?

  13. Well, doesn’t affect India. A huge number of people don’t have credit cards. And moreover, except a handful of retailers, nobody accepts payment using Google Wallet.

  14. So what would people using two or three year old Samsung devices do? Not even Jelly Bean support? That’s a bit rude. But anyway, on the brighter side, this mean more people will prefer Nexus.

  15. Well a lot of people are still on Gingerbread. What about them? I guess upgrading is the only way forward for these people.

  16. Exactly. We somehow prefer using Debit cards which are more easy to obtain. Getting a credit card in India is very much a nuisance. Google should consider this.

  17. Yeah. I’ve heard only 1.4% of the Indian population has credit cards, and that’s a very small percentage when technology is improving so much in India.

  18. How about making Google Wallet support Debit cards? I mean common, not all of us in India use Credit Cards.

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