Google reportedly not happy with dual booting Windows/Android hybrids

asus transformer book duet

According to Taiwanese reports, Google isn’t very open to the idea of its partners launching tablets or notebooks which dual boot Android and Windows side by side. It is said that the company has made its opposition known to ASUS which announced such a hybrid at the CES in January. This also explains why Samsung’s Ativ Q tablet from last year was ditched without even reaching the markets. At the moment, only Intel’s x86 chips support dual booting devices, so there are certain hardware limitations for the manufacturers as well.

It is said that the folks at Mountain View don’t want Android sales to boost Microsoft’s market share, which is exactly what would happen if the manufacturers were to launch hybrids in the future. This report from Digitimes however, doesn’t explain how this could affect dual booting smartphones which are believed to be in the making for quite some time now. Let’s hope Google goes easy on its restrictions as the market would benefit greatly from a device which has the functionality of Windows and the versatility of Android.

Source: Digitimes

2 Replies to “Google reportedly not happy with dual booting Windows/Android hybrids”

  1. While this may not be in line with Google’s business strategy, I think as a consumer this will readily makes sense.
    I would welcome hybrids in the future not only PCs and laptops.
    Hopefully there will also be gaming consoles that can run other platforms. That would be cool.

  2. This makes sense. Even I don’t want Windows market share to increase because of Android. And Google should make manufacturers sign an agreement where such devices are not allowed.

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