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Google Play Store offering freebies celebrating its two year anniversary

Play Store

As the two year anniversary of the Google Play Store approaches, the Mountain View based company is reportedly offering a set of freebies. According to users in Australia, the Play Store is showing some apps and titles with a discounted price.

Although the American Play Store is yet to reflect these discounts and offers, it should eventually make its way there. It is hard to ascertain if Google will offer the same discounts in the U.S. as it does in Australia right now, but it goes without saying that there will be plenty more offers and deals for users in the U.S.

Since the Play Store is accessed globally, it is possible that Google would make this promotion available around the world as well. If you’re in Australia, you can access these titles with a discounted price or even free:

  • FIFA 14 (free)
  • Theme Park (free)
  • Disaster Movie (AU$0.99)
  • Thirteen (AU$0.99)
  • Vanity Fair (AU$0.99)
  • Bejeweled Blitz (free)

Source: Reddit

Via: Cult of Android

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