Google Play Store 4.6.16 adds batch app installs, finer control over purchases

Google Play Store 4.6.16 adds batch app installs, finer control over purchases

Google is pushing out a new update to the Play Store, version 4.6.16, bringing quite a few useful features that should make it more secure and convenient to use. The biggest addition is the ability to batch install apps from the My Apps section, which should be useful for those switching to a new device and wanting to quickly install all their favorite apps, though they’ll still have to accept the permissions for each app before the installation begins.

Another important change is a new option that makes entering a password necessary for every purchase, which might be in response to the recent lawsuit filed against Google by a woman whose child made a few too many in-app purchases without asking permission. There’s also an option to make the Play Store require a password every 30 minutes, similar to the 15-minute window Apple offers on the App Store, and a warning about an app or game featuring in-app purchases is now more prominently displayed after a user clicks the install button.

The last notable feature in version 6.6.16 is the option to manually update the Play Store app, done by clicking on “Build version” in the Settings » About section, which means you’ll finally be able to force an update instead of waiting for Google’s slow app rollout to reach your device. Alas, you will have to do a manual update of the Play Store at least once if you wish to get the new features right now without waiting for the update to arrive automatically, in which case you’ll find the download link to the APK below.

Download Google Play Store 4.6.16

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