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Google Now Will Now Notify You Of Impending Traffic

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Pretty much anyone who’s ever driven or ridden a car has been stuck in traffic at one point or another. With apps telling you what to do when during traffic, it’s nice but didn’t help in the first place. Now that’s changing.

Currently, Waze (which Google purchased last year) would notify users of the app that there was traffic ahead and give you alternate directions.

Now Google has incorporated this directly into Google Now. On your route that Google Now has learned from your behavior, it will now automatically warn you before you even start driving that you will encounter traffic, allowing you to take an alternate route.

This is a very handy feature for constant commuters. When you get today’s Google Search update, which is being rolled out, you will get the new traffic notification feature. You can also download the APK directly from here.

Source: Google+ via Android Police

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