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Google files patent for new Pie style navigation menu

Radial Menu

A new patent filing from Google has revealed its plans to expand the radial menus deeper within Android. Currently available only on the stock camera app (Android 4.3 and higher), this new radial menu could soon make its way throughout the system. Custom ROM developers like Paranoid Android have integrated this ‘Pie’ style radial menu similarly, so it is possible that Google could use such a system with upcoming iterations of Android.

In its current form, the radial menu isn’t exactly more convenient than a slide up menu, but it’s something the folks at Google can always improve on. We’re still waiting for a word on how exactly the company plans to make these changes, but a patent application is usually a good indicator of things to come.

And unlike the current implementation of the radial menu, this will reportedly allow users to navigate with two fingers as shown in the patent image above. This is certainly an upgrade from what we’re seeing now, but it should be seen if Google can make it any faster or snappier than its current form.

Fans might recall seeing this feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well, which displays a radial menu using its Air Command feature with the S Pen stylus.

Source: Patent Bolt

Via: Android Guys

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