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Google Chromecast already making its way to the UK ahead


The Google Chromecast was expected to hit the UK on the 19th of March. However, some retailers like Currys and PC World are already selling the device through their online stores a day ahead of its release. Pricing has been set at £30 ($50), which is slightly more than the American pricing, but a small trade off considering that Google is officially selling the device in the region now. There’s no word on whether Chromecast will be sold through the Play Store in the UK, but retail availability through major retailers is good news nonetheless.

Unfortunately both items are listed as out of stock on Currys and PC World at the moment, so customers might have to wait for a couple of days to get the dongle home. Amazon UK is yet to list the dongle on its site, so the options are fairly limited at the moment. It is possible that most of the stocks have been stacked up for in-store customers, so walking up to Currys or PC World retail outlet near your location might not be a bad idea.


Source: Currys, PC World

Via: Android Police

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