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Google acknowledges the Nexus 5 battery drain issue, promises a fix

Nexus 5

Users of the Nexus 5 might have been experiencing a severe dip in battery life ever since the Android 4.4.2 update was rolled out. This issue has been voiced in the forums on several occasions and Google has finally come up with a word speaking about this issue.

It is claimed that the process known as mm-qcamera-daemon which is pertaining to the camera keeps running at all times even when not in use. Apps like Skype in particular are reportedly using this process in the background, thus draining battery rapidly. Google has now promised to fix this issue soon in the form of an update, although it hasn’t mentioned when it will be rolled out.

As an alternate fix, it is suggested that users can either try uninstalling Skype or just simply restart their Nexus 5. This seems like a terrible inconvenience for one of Google’s premier flagship phones and we hope an update is on its way soon. For now, this issue appears to be limited to the Nexus 5, so a minor patch should fix it.

Nexus 5 battery drain

Source: Google

Via: Phone Arena

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