Galaxy Note 3 Tricks About One-Handed Operation and S-Pen Pop-Up Menu

galaxy note 3 one-handed operation

There are many things that you can do with you Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But if you want to further enhance your user-experience with this device, here are some tips that will let you easily operate it with one hand and remove the annoying automated pop-up menu that is triggered whenever you remove the S-Pen from its dock.

How to Activate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 One-Handed Operation

The 5.7-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 presents many benefits to its users. However, using it with only a single hand can be such a drag. So, if you want to make typing easier with only the use of one hand, one way to do it is by activating the Galaxy Note 3 One-Handed Operation.

Here’s how to enable the Galaxy Note 3 One-Handed Operation feature:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access Controls.

3. Open the One-Handed Operation menu.

4. Adjust the elements of your phone’s interface depending on your preference.

That’s it, you can now place a call, compose an SMS, use the calculator and use the other apps of the device that supports the configuration with just one hand.

How to Switch Off the Galaxy Note 3 S-Pen Pop-Up Menu

Removing the S-Pen stylus automatically triggers a pop-up window that will present you with various options. This is very useful but it is equally annoying if you are looking to access something outside of the pop-up menu.

Here’s how to address this particular annoyance:

1. Open the Settings of the device.

2. Proceed to Controls.

3. Select S-Pen.

4. Choose the Pen Detachment Options.

5. Tap None.

The next time you detach your S-Pen from the Galaxy Note 3 stylus dock, you will no longer be distracted by the pop-up menu that automatically appears in the screen.

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  1. Even with the one-hand trick, its really difficult to handle the phone. I’m still not able to hold it firmly or balance it when I’m tying with one hand. But a good feature for sure. And this is where LG has copied the feature for its new G Pro 2.

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