Fixing Some Common Problems of Galaxy S4 Apps

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We have compiled some questions which were recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which are related to apps in the Galaxy S4.

Below are the some inquiries which were sent to us by various Galaxy S4 users:

#1 Question — App Still Running in Battery After Uninstall

“Just need your help. After installation of an app such as Badoo in my Galaxy S4, the application still leaves the file name ‘’ in battery application. If I check Settings > More > Battery, it still shows the said file. The file is already uninstalled but it is still running which is apparently draining my battery. Is there a way to remove it?”

It is likely that your system cache partition is just cluttered or outdated. A quick way to fix this is by clearing its cache through Recovery Mode. If that does not work, backup your device and do a Factory Reset. After that, restart your device normally.

#2 Question – Removing the Timepin App Completely

“I already uninstalled the Timepin app from my Samsung Galaxy S4, but I can still find it in the Manage Apps icon. How do I completely remove it?”

Again, your Android app manager might only need refreshing and updating. If you have uninstalled an app already such as Timepin but you notice that it is still among the running apps in the background, you can completely remove it by clearing the cache of your app manager through its settings. If it does not work the first time, try applying the method under Safe Mode or wipe the cache partition from the Recovery Mode. You can do a Factory Reset as a last resort if all else fails.

#3 Question – Skype Seems to be Draining Battery Life

“I observed that my SGS4 battery has been draining very fast. This is usually the case when I login to Skype and I leave it running in the background.”

Skype has recently acknowledged this issue followed by releasing an update that would minimize battery consumption when using its app or running it in background. So, one way for you to fix the problem is by updating to the most recent version of Skype. Alternatively, you can force the app to stop in the background through App Manager if you are no longer using it to conserve battery.

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