First set of HTC One (M8) commercials featuring Gary Oldman now live

Gary Oldman

HTC hired Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr last year to market its new products, but that didn’t appear to have worked out quite well. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer has now posted a new ad with British star Gary Oldman for the hotly announced HTC One (M8). And unlike conventional product videos where the person speaks in lengths about the smartphone’s features, this one just has Oldman saying “blah blah” repeatedly and stresses that the new HTC One is designed for people “who form their own opinion”.

There’s another video featuring Gary Oldman again, but here he speaks about how HTC doesn’t make phones for everyone, but for those who demand more. Both the videos end with the phrase “ask the internet”, indicating that the handset has already received widespread acclaim, which is true to a great extent.

Will these ads prove to be effective for HTC? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly going somewhere unlike those Robert Downey Jr commercials from last year. What’s your take on the new HTC One and these yet to be aired commercials? Let us know by dropping a line below.

4 Replies to “First set of HTC One (M8) commercials featuring Gary Oldman now live”

  1. Out of curiosity, what happened to Robert Downey Jr? I thought he was doing HTC’s ads? I never heard of anything about it “not working out.”

  2. These ads sound pretty catchy. Blah blah might actually make me stop and listen. That sounds like pretty smart marketing. Get our attention and sell their product.

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