Fashion giant Fossil Group will also have an Android Wear based smartwatch

Android Wear

Google made one of the biggest announcements of the year earlier today with the launch of the Android Wear project, which would allow third party manufacturers to utilize the company’s dedicated smartwatch OS. With Motorola and LG already announcing hardware, we now have another inclusion in the list with Fossil Group.

The company is known for its fashion accessories as well as wrist watches across the world, so it’s only logical to leverage the popularity and bring its very own¬†Pure Google¬†smartwatch to the markets soon. Google announced that it has partnered with several other manufacturers like ASUS, HTC and Samsung, so the list could grow stronger in the coming months. Chip makers Broadcomm, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Imagination and Intel are also included in this list to provide compatible chipsets to the manufacturers.

Fossil’s inclusion along with the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC could be very crucial in the early stages of Android Wear’s market release, which is expected to be sometime before the end of Q2. Google has also released APIs for the developers with the Android Wear Developer Preview. While the Mountain View giant is focusing solely on smartwatches at the moment, it plans to bring this concept to many more devices in the future.

Source: Fossil Press Release – WSJ

Via: Android Central

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  1. This is beautiful. If the final retail product actually looks like that, I’m pre-ordering this one for sure.

  2. I think this is going to catch on sooner than you think. This is like the beginning of the smartphone era all over again. All smartphones almost did the same when they started to flood the markets. But soon, they started to differ in the functionality and features. Now, the smartwatch market is pretty much limited to what Android Wear offers. But in a couple of months, we’ll probably see the difference.

  3. I am ready to insert my head onto my desk. Out of all the smartwatches announced today, they pretty much do the same thing, except this one is “fashionable.” Is wearable tech really even going to catch on? Is there a market for it aside from the tech crowd? I’m not so sure…

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