Facebook Messenger getting an update with improved support for group chats

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app for Android is now getting an update with some bug fixes and other features in tow. One of the core features that have been touched upon with this update is group chats. Users can now start a dedicated group chat, add people, give the conversation a specific name and do a whole lot more.

With an increasing number of users relying on Facebook messaging to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones, this update is quite crucial. Surely it won’t replace your conventional group text applications, but Facebook is taking it one step at a time with Messenger.

This update also brings the ability to mute group conversations so that you’re not notified of a message when only a selected few in the group are having a conversation that you’re not interested in. And if you have multiple group conversations lined up, you can choose to conveniently pin them in dedicated tabs so that you can find them later with relative ease.

The update should start seeding to all users over the coming days if it hasn’t already, so remain patient.

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18 Replies to “Facebook Messenger getting an update with improved support for group chats”

  1. Yep. I have faced similar issues. Sometimes the New Feed does not load at all on my Facebook App. The problem is not with the internet connection. The app itself is slow.

  2. I’d agree. I ended up uninstalling the messenger app myself because I find it annoying and at the same time a drain on battery.
    THe current main Facebook app itself is so slow in loading pictures (and it’s not my internet connection) even when I’m connected to my home wifi.

  3. WhatsApp won’t become like that. The original set of developers will always work on the app. Facebook only bought it.

  4. You don’t have WhatsApp? And you want to know what’s that about? I’m sorry for saying this, no offense, but you probably have been living under a rock. It’s a messaging service that Facebook bought for $19 billion, that’s USD. It’s like the top dog in instant messaging services. Do give it a try.

  5. I only use WhatsApp and Hangouts. I really love Hangouts, and use WhatsApp only for people who don’t understand how awesome Hangouts is. I have tired a few other services such as BBM, Telegram, Viber, but din’t like them as much as WhatsApp or Hangouts.

  6. They released an update for users that have a Windows phone too. I really don’t see much of a difference, it seems a little quicker but that is about it.

  7. I haven’t had a problem with it. What other chat apps do you use? I’m interested in trying some new ones out too. I don’t like to use Facebook chat for work related issues.

  8. I don’t have WhatsApp. What is that one about? I do use the group chat on Facebook often. I do get irritated when people do the same. A group chat is for everyone, not just for two people to chat back and forth.

  9. Exactly. Group chats sometimes become a personal chat area for a few people. I get irritated when that happens. The mute feature is really a great feature. Even on WhatsApp.

  10. I don’t understand why people still use Facebook chat when there are many other better messaging services. Facebook apps are usually very heavy and buggy.

  11. You can already add several people into a group chat on Facebook. I have a chat going with 10 family members. It’s pretty cool. The chat feature is really the only reason that I have the app on my phone.

  12. I really like the new mute feature. I can’t tell you how many times I get annoyed when just a few people are chatting. I will surely look at that feature first. I do a lot of group chats.

  13. I use Facebook messenger a lot to chat with a family member that is hard of hearing. It will be nice to see them roll out an improved group chat feature so that we can include other family members in the conversation easily.

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