Developer of Flappy Bird says the game is making a comeback, but not anytime soon

Flappy Bird

Developer Dong Nguyen, popular for the Flappy Bird game, has announced that the title will make a comeback to your favorite mobile app hubs. However, he has claimed that it won’t arrive anytime soon. This happened in response to a tweet where he responded in the affirmative when asked if the game would be back, but mentioned it wouldn’t be soon. Now this leaves a lot of questions open, but we’re guessing the developer will wait for a couple of months or maybe even six months for the Flappy Bird fever to die down and then launch the game again.

The game was one of the biggest revelations of 2013 as it was reportedly raking in close to $50,000 in ad revenues each day for the developer. Despite this, he decided to take it down as he thought it was causing too much addiction among people. In a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, he mentioned that if the game ever makes a comeback, he will provide a clear disclaimer and warning against prolonged usage.

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7 Replies to “Developer of Flappy Bird says the game is making a comeback, but not anytime soon”

  1. I think you need to understand the culture of gamers where the creator of this game comes from. I agree with shawn_gardner, that you need to read more about the reasons he took the game off. It is a both an addictive and frustrating game that I can only play once in a while.

  2. If you have installed it before, you can still install it directly from the Play Store even though the developer has pulled it off from the store.

  3. Flappy Bird is simple but works like a drug–it is addicting!
    I love this game and I’m glad to hear it’s making a comeback. I still don’t understand the developer’s intention to pull it out. He should be making games that appeals to a lot of people and accept the fact that it may probably become popular.

  4. Google the game a bit more and you will understand why the developer does not want to make this an addicted game, or encourage the users in getting addicted. This is a very popular controversial games in the recent times.

  5. Why are so many people addicted to this game? I spent 30 minutes on it trying to figure out what makes it attractive but couldn’t find any. I play this type of games (and I even have this one on my phone right now) from time to time but for me it’s just a pretty average game.

  6. He can try tweaking the game play a bit so that it would be easy to score, not making people lose their mind, or getting addicted to it. But then that would mean he’ll not be able to get $50,000 a day.

  7. Wow. I’ve never heard of a game developer selling a game and then suddenly refusing to sell it as a means of keeping people from becoming addicted to it. I guess he has good intentions but that must surely be hurting the bottom line.

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