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Creator of Flappy Bird says the game could make a comeback soon

Flappy Bird Android

The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen has mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stone that this addictive game could soon make a comeback on our favorite app hubs. However, he claims that there could be a warning message at the start of the game to notify users that playing the game continuously could be harmful, although I’m not sure how much of an effect that will have on the users.

His concern reportedly was that the game was simply too addictive for users, which is why he decided to pull the game out of the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes AppStore simultaneously, even though it was raking in close to $50,000 in ad revenue each day.

With the absence of Flappy Bird from the Play Store, there have been numerous pretend apps hitting the app hubs every day, but fans will be quite pleased to know that the original game which started it all off could be making a comeback soon. It must be noted though that Nguyen merely stated this in an interview and hasn’t made anything public yet, so don’t hold your breath.

Source: Rolling Stone

Via: The Verge

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