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AT&T Cuts Cost Of Single-Line Data Plans



The mobile price war keeps getting interesting. Just a day after T-Mobile announced that their plans now have more data, AT&T is following suit. AT&T already launched their Mobile Share Value Plans for families last month, saving some people a lot of money. Individual users weren’t able to take advantage of those savings since they were only for families.

But now users on an individual or double-line plans can now get savings as well. Previously, a 2 GB data plan cost one person $80 per month, before taxes and other fees. Now, that plan only costs $65 per month with additional smartphones being able to be added on for $25 a month extra.

These new plans launch tomorrow, Sunday March 9th. If you’re already on a 2 GB data plan, you should definitely switch to this new plan to save some money. More money in your pocket is always a plus.

Source: AT&T via Re/code

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