AT&T bringing carrier aggregation based LTE-A service to Chicago


America’s second largest carrier, AT&T, is reportedly bringing its LTE-A service to the U.S. starting from Chicago. But there is a catch. Almost no smartphone in the country right now support LTE-A, so AT&T cannot bring this service to anybody.

So while this is certainly good news, it doesn’t necessarily mean anybody can use it right now. The only device which can use it is AT&T’s Unite mobile hotspot, so if you have one of those and live in Chicago, you ought to be interested.

Carrier aggregation is basically a situation where AT&T combines two bands to give blazing fast LTE-A speeds. The carrier uses 700 MHz and 2100 MHz bands in the city with 15 Mbps downlink, which returns speeds of 110 Mbps. The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will support carrier aggregation, so the AT&T variant of the flagship should support it as well.

It is being said that AT&T might be looking to bring this service to regions of Baltimore, Dallas, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. as they are reportedly making the switch from 2G and 3G networks to 4G. LTE-A networks are currently available in South Korea, where several new flagships are launched with this chip.

Source: GigaOM

Via: Phone Arena

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