Android 4.4.3 with build number KTU72B believed to be in the works

Android 4.4.3

According to a well known developer, Google could be working on the Android 4.4.3 update already. Although details are very scarce at the moment, it is believed that this update will fix the well known battery drain issue from the Nexus 5 which has troubled users for quite some time now.

Since it’s only a point upgrade, we don’t think it will bring any major changes on board apart from the customary bug fixes. But it is quite unusual for Google to roll out a new version of Android just to patch a bug, so we’re hopeful that a few other features will be bundled with the update.

The camera issue is quite massive as it allowed the application to be running in the background at all times, which caused faster than usual battery drain. Surprisingly, this bug was only seen on the Nexus 5. Since this is Google flagship smartphone, users have been expecting a fix for long now. We’ll keep you posted on any new information we get from this update.

Source: @LlabTooFeR – Twitter

Via: Phone Arena

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  1. This is cool. Is there some kind of a beta program to which I can sign up, to get the latest software updates before the other people do? I know there is something like that for Apple’s iPhone users. Early access for developers.

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