Amazon to launch its set top box on the 2nd of April?

Amazon Set Top Box

The much rumored Amazon branded home set top box will be launching next week if a new event invitation is any indication. The invite shows a couch with some popcorn, clearly hinting at something home media related. The online retailer has long been rumored to venture its way into this segment, but is only now appearing to be taking the big step. The event will be hosted by the Vice President of Amazon, Peter Larsen and will begin at 11 AM Eastern Time on the 2nd of April.

Details on what this device will feature are very scarce at the moment, but we’ve seen an Amazon branded gaming controller leaking out a couple of weeks ago which could be a part of this setup. Amazon Prime should most likely be integrated within this device as well, which is a logical move.

It should most likely be running on Android, but since Google doesn’t approve Amazon devices, don’t expect support for core Google apps like the Play Store and other services. But considering that Amazon has its own app ecosystem now, this shouldn’t be a major concern. We’ll mark our calendars for the 2nd of April and get you all the information from the event. Stay tuned!

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15 Replies to “Amazon to launch its set top box on the 2nd of April?”

  1. I agree with you on that. Amazon has done some amazing things with their tablets and even their Prime service. Can’t wait to see what this is all about.

  2. Well you won’t have the Play Store access for sure. But Amazon as it’s own App store. So no issues there.

  3. Well I guess they will release it is some of the markets to test waters. Then a global release perhaps.

  4. Who knows how they are going to spin it. Amazon is one of those places that tends to do really good when it comes to surprises so I am sure this will be a great one.

  5. So it is going to be a problem if Google doesn’t support the Play Store since Google and Amazon do not support each other? This was a bit hard to understand for me.

  6. I am sure that Amazon Prime will be available on this. Be kind of silly if they didn’t incorporate this into it somehow. I wonder what games will be available too.

  7. Most people that I know don’t own a smart TV. This is going to be an excellent choice for them. I would even buy one for our bedroom TV (not a smart TV).

  8. Well, this isn’t coming to India for sure, not anytime soon at least. Set top boxes are becoming a norm now, and such big companies coming in with their offers is just not happening.

  9. I would assume Amazon Prime would have full functionality with it. After all, it is a key product tied to their video section.

  10. What types of games is Amazon going to release? I’m curious to know if they will have Amazon Prime available on this box since it would be nice to watch movies directly on the TV instead of downloading to my laptop.

  11. Yes they are still popular since not everyone has a smart TV. I’d like to see what Amazon will have to offer on this new box, Amazon Prime without a doubt will be part of it, if they are using logic.

  12. I didn’t realize that set top boxes were still popular. I have a Roku that is several years old but don’t most smart TV’s now integrate all of the streaming so that a set top box is unnecessary?

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