All New HTC One spotted in trendy looking flip cases

HTC One Case

The All New HTC One is still over two weeks away from an official unveiling, but the leaks are coming in plenty as we head closer to the launch of the new flagship. Today’s leak however is slightly different from what we’re accustomed to. This revelation by Evleaks shows off what appears to be a flip cover case for the new HTC One, which seems to have tiny holes on them to display notifications, time or weather information. The extent of customization isn’t known yet since this is a leak, but it’s good to see HTC take a different route from Samsung or LG.

Reports have claimed that HTC is looking to launch the smartphone roughly two weeks after the announcement on March 25, so it should land in the markets at about the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S5, which could make things very interesting. It is also being said that HTC will launch a Google Play Edition variant of the smartphone soon, possibly at the I/O event in late June. So users preferring stock Android should be able to switch to a custom ROM with relative ease.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter

9 Replies to “All New HTC One spotted in trendy looking flip cases”

  1. That has been the only problem with smartphones. I remember around 10 years back, my Nokia feature phone worked for days together with a single charge. I hope these companies start using 3,000+ mAh batteries to give at least one full day of power use on a single charge.

  2. Considering that a lot of the younger generation carry phones with them it is a safe bet to say they will make money off of them. I like HTC phones, my friend has one and the look is nice. She says it works great. Now if they could only come up with better battery life..

  3. I have a renewal coming up and I’m thinking of giving the HTC a try. These are pretty cool looking. I’m glad to hear you like yours PDanka. My problem is the battery life is so short when you are doing things on wifi or 3G.

  4. I wish LG releases such trendy colors for the Nexus 5. The new red Nexus 5 is a good addition to the lot. But I wish there were more options.

  5. Yeah. I guess HTC is targeting the same segment that Moto is targeting with its new set of customization on the Moto G.It is nice to see the manufacturers trying to impress the younger population.

  6. I think the company is trying to compete with Motorola. Moto did start offering university-themed customization options for its Moto G. So it makes sense that other companies follow.

  7. I’m glad they’re upgrading HTC One. it’s not that it’s not a great phone. HTC One is probably the best smartphone I had tried so far but getting more life from it is even terrific.
    Nice cover colors too.

  8. I have an HTC and love it. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s the right size and the keyboard is easy to use. I’m due for a new one soon and may check this one out. It does look like it’s for a younger crowd but it will be hard to get them away from their iPhones.

  9. How interesting. I bet they are going after the younger generation with this cool looking phone. I have to say that I am impressed with the looks of it. I can’t wait to see the actual phone and hope it is out in time for Easter.

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