16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed to sport 10.7GB of internal storage

Galaxy S5 Colors

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 last week, there was plenty of buzz and excitement, given some of its marquee features like the fingerprint sensor and the heart rate monitor. However, during the demonstration, some attendees were aware enough to check the actual internal storage of the smartphone, which was revealed to be a measly 8.4GB on the 16GB model. But a new revelation now claims that the smartphone actually offers 10.7GB of user accessible storage. This is because the sample units of the handset apparently contained 2.3GB of additional demo content which would not make its way to the retail version of the smartphone.

This means the initial worries about the internal storage of the smartphone wouldn’t actually be a concern as the smartphone already has quite a lot of storage on board. Although 10.7GB isn’t a lot compared to the competition, users will still be happy that they can add over 10GB of content on their brand new Samsung flagship right out of the box. And the fact that there is an external microSD card slot helps greatly as well.

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4 Replies to “16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed to sport 10.7GB of internal storage”

  1. To be fair with Samsung, I haven’t really own an S5 but i’ve used it for about a week after convincing my brother to let me use it. I’d say, the Galaxy S3 is still the best in the S series so far.
    And i agree there’s a more noticeable added apps on the S5 compared to the stock apps when I first got my S3 2 years ago.

  2. I would like to add that its not really very attractive. I think that the Galaxy S series is losing its charm, starting with the S4. Its good that the company is relaxing on the TouchWiz. Its really bloated on other Samsung devices. Even then, the S5 is another big disappointment.

  3. I love Samsung and have a number of electronics with its name on them but this is rip off.
    No wonder Galaxy S5 has not been seen a lot in commercials. Poor specs I say.

  4. “…to sport…”

    That’s being semantically generous in describing the paltry storage onboard.

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