Xperia SP Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade being reconsidered by Sony


There’s no bigger disappointment for Android users than finding out that their smartphone might not be getting an update to the next version of Android. But while everyone wants upgrades, the reality of the situation is that manufacturers simply cannot focus resources on a device forever, mainly because of lack of manpower and because they want consumers to buy newer devices. For Sony’s Xperia SP, an upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat was said to be on its way once it received Android 4.3, but it looks like the chocolate-flavored version of the OS might not make it to the mid-range handset after all.

Sony’s product pages for the Xperia SP initially hinted that the device would get KitKat, with the version overview pointing to KitKat being a “future version”. However, that has now changed to “Under Investigation”, hinting at the possibility of Android 4.3 being the last and final upgrade. It’s not surprising, since non-flagship phones almost never get more than one major update, and with the Android 4.3 update having been delayed for the Xperia SP, it looks like Sony might be reconsidering whether it wants to continue to invest resources on the device further.

Of course, nothing is certain until it’s official, so there’s still hope that Sony will find it in its heart to make the latest and greatest version of Android available for the Xperia SP. But in case it doesn’t, well, at least people won’t be hopeful enough to be disappointment after reading this.

Via: Xperia Blog