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Verizon To Launch “More Everything” Plans Tomorrow

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It looks like Verizon is finally starting to follow T-Mobile’s lead with cheaper plans. According to a tipster who talked to Android Police, these plans should be live starting tomorrow.

All the data caps ranging from what are currently 500 MB to 2 GB are getting discounted and upgraded. Here are the new caps:

  • 500 MB will be upgraded to 1 GB of data – still $40 per month
  • 1 GB will be upgraded to 2 GB of data – still $50 per month
  • 2 GB of data will be upgraded to 3 GB of data – still $60 per month


It’s not just new customers that are getting the upgraded data allotments, it’s also existing users. So if you’re on a 500 MB plan and have been thinking of upgrading yourself to the 1 GB plan, but didn’t want to pay the price increase, you don’t have to anymore.

Verizon Edge customers also get a discount as well. Edge users on the 8 GB and smaller plans get $10 off all the data allotments and $20 off for 10 GB and bigger caps. So if you have, say, a 10 GB data cap, you will only pay $110 for 1 smartphone instead of $120.


Verizon also plans to double the network bandwidth in markets across the US, but that’s unclear by what they mean. My guess is that might mean higher data speeds, but we just don’t know yet.

Verizon’s new plans also give every user 25 GB of their cloud storage service, Verizon Cloud, for free. That’s a nice gesture, since many services are smaller by default, or not free at all. All plans will get unlimited international messaging from the US for free.

Finally, Verizon is also following AT&T’s lead in allowing customers who are on Edge and got their phones prior to November 13th, 2013 and letting them upgrade their phones again. Though since new phones are about to come out very soon, you should probably wait on that offer.

Verizon themselves just teased these plans on their Twitter account, so that’s further confirmation that these are coming tomorrow.

Unfortunately, it looks like this will be a limited-time offer, specifically through the end of March. So if you want to switch to Verizon from someone else to get the new data allotment, you have to do it by the end of next month. But current users who get automatically migrated should be safe from the offer expiring.

So everyone gets these new data deals, and they’re even better if you’re on Verizon Edge. I know some people will be very happy with these new data allotments. How do you feel? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: Android Police and Twitter

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