Verizon HTC M8 Leaks

Well this is nice. Following this morning’s leak of the new HTC One for AT&T, now Evleaks has shown off the M8 for Verizon. There’s no real differences here, except for the “Verizon” and the “4G LTE” branding.¬†This phone’s color is the Gray model, while the AT&T model was the Silver one. Hopefully these colors won’t be exclusive to these carriers.

The new HTC One is due to be shown off next month, at an event HTC has scheduled for March 25th. Now that we know that AT&T and Verizon will be getting this device, hopefully we’ll soon know if Sprint and T-Mobile will also get it.

Source: Evleaks

5 Replies to “Verizon HTC M8 Leaks”

  1. You’re right Brad. AT&T always seems get their way when picking colors for their phones.
    a gray one would be awesome still.:)

  2. I hope so too, but I’m pretty sure Verizon will end up getting an exclusive colour, as always. Maybe things’ll change this time around.

  3. There is no way T-Mobile won’t get the M8. The mobile operator is becoming a huge contender with AT&T and Verizon; it would be a foolish move to not give it to T-Mobile, especially at the rate its customers are growing.

  4. Cool! I’ve seen a video of HTC M8 on YouTube. The screen appears crisp and bright enough for me. Any updates on specs and all?

    I also like the Gray one. I agree on this article. Hopefully the colors will not be carrier specific.

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