How to Use the Samsung Gamepad with the Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Gamepad

A new question recently came to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I am planning to buy a Samsung Gamepad for my Galaxy Note 3 when I go on vacation overseas, since it is not yet available in our location. Now, may I know how can I use it together with my phone? Is there also a way to mirror it in my Smart  TV?”

Ways to Connect the Samsung Gamepad with the Galaxy Note 3

There are actually different ways to connect your Samsung Gamepad to your Galaxy Note 3. One is via Bluetooth. The other is through NFC (near field communication). The last is using the special cable provided in the device.

How to Start Playing Games in the Samsung Controller

To connect them from each other, just perform the necessary steps to pair the two devices depending on your chosen method among the three choices mentioned above. You can check if your phone and controller have successfully paired by using the analog sticks of the Samsung Gamepad to navigate the apps in your phone. Next, position your phone into the clamp of the Gamepad. After that, tap the “Game” button located in the middle of the controller to start your game.

Games Downloaded From Google Play Store Won’t Work

You might notice that games from the Google Play store will not be supported by the controller right away. That’s because you will have to use the app provided by Samsung Gamepad to get the games that you want.

Don’t worry because downloading the same game will not delete the one that has been initially installed in your device. For instance, if you already have Asphalt 8 in your Galaxy Note 3, the Asphalt 8 that you have downloaded for your Gamepad will show in a different icon. Thus, you will have two Asphalt 8 icons in your screen.

Mirroring the Android Game to Your Smart TV

In order for your to mirror your game into your Smart TV, just use the special dock designed for the Galaxy Note 3.

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