How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 5 to Note 3 Easily

transfer contacts from iPhone 5 to Note 3
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“I am an owner of an iPhone 5. But recently, I received a Galaxy Note 3 as a gift. So, I am planning to use the new one and give the old one to my son. Now, the problem is that I will have to transfer all the contacts I have in my old unit. Is there a way to do this quickly?” This was a question we retrieved at The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Switching from one Smartphone to another can be such a pain once you realize that you need to transfer all your contacts from your previous unit to your new one. In this article, we will show you how to easily transfer contacts from iPhone 5 to Note 3 if you suddenly decided to jump from iOS to Android.

Steps to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 5 to Note 3

To make this possible, you will need a certain app. While there are many apps that can transfer contacts from iPhone 5 to Note 3, let’s just use Backuptrans just to illustrate that this can be accomplished easily.

Here are steps on how to use Backuptrans to transfer contacts from iPhone 5 to Galaxy Note 3:

1. Connect the Devices to PC

Once you have the software, connect your iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 3 to your computer through their respective USB cables.

2. Launch the Application

Launch Backuptrans in your computer and wait for it to read all the data stored in your device.

3. Identify the Devices

Click iPhone 5 in the list of devices. On the top toolbar, look for the “iPhone to Android” icon and select it. As an alternative, you can go to File followed by “Phone to Phone Transfer” and “iPhone to Android”.

4. Choose Galaxy Note 3 as Destination

For the target device where the files will be transferred, select Galaxy Note 3.

5. Confirm and Wait

Hit the Confirm button to continue and wait for the automated process to finish.

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