Tinke Health Tracking Device Now Available For Android

The Tinke health device which originally launched in 2013 for the iPhone is now available for the Android platform.  Zensorium, the company that makes this plug in device, says that they made it compatible with Android due to popular demand. Users are able to constantly monitor their respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and heart rate variability with this device.

Juliana Chua, Principal of Zensorium’s Business Innovation Group, said that “Our goal is simple: to empower individuals to be mindful of fitness and wellness and lead healthier lives. We’re excited that Tinke can engage with more people now that it’s available for use with Android devices.”

Tinke is a device that uses optical sensing technology to measure fitness and relaxation levels. A user simply places a fingertip on the sensing platform and the device will immediately quantify the four health parameters.

Respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and heart rate are used to measure cardio-respiratory fitness. Heart rate variability on the other hand is used to assess a person’s autonomic nervous system which is used in determining stress levels. By getting the results of these four health parameters a person will be able to take steps in improving their fitness and wellness.

Tinke for Android has been tested to be compatible with the following models

  • Samsung Galaxy (S3,S4)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Sony Xperia Z1s
  • Google Nexus 5

Other Android models may also be compatible with this health accessory however they are not listed in the company website. The requirements for compatibility are Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 (Smart Ready)  and, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In order for this device to work a companion app must first be installed on the Android device. Once installed Tinke must then be paired with the Android device using Bluetooth.

The accuracy parameters of the device are as follows

  • Heart rate: +/- 2 beats per minute
  • Respiratory rate: +/- 2 breaths per minute
  • Blood oxygen saturation: +/- 3%

For those concerned about their privacy the company has announced that “While Tinke encourages the sharing of fitness and wellness information amongst your community of friends and family, there is an option in the Tinke app that allows you to keep all data private. Further, we place very high importance on preserving your personal data and will not share your information to third parties without your authorization.”

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