T-Mobile HTC One getting Android 4.4 this week; AT&T variant getting it later this month


According to Jason Mackenzie of HTC, the T-Mobile variant of the HTC One will get the Android 4.4 update later this week while the AT&T variant will get it by the last week of February. This is reassuring news for customers of HTC’s flagship on T-Mobile and AT&T as HTC has already missed its January deadline by quite a margin. Jason Mackenzie gave out this information via Twitter while responding to a user query.

So what has led HTC or the carriers to delay the update until now? We’re not really sure, but it is possible that HTC took its own sweet time in sending out the updates to carriers. HTC recently promised software support of up to two years for any of its new flagships, but delays like these hurt the credibility of the company very badly. Maybe HTC can take a leaf out of Samsung’s book which is very quick as far as update rollouts are concerned.

Source: @JasonMacHTC – Twitter (1) (2)

Via: Android and Me