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Sprint Rolling Out Spark To Philadelphia And Baltimore


Here’s some good news for those of you with Spark-compatible devices. If you live in Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD, you can now access Sprint’s “Spark” network. Besides getting the improved tri-band LTE, you will also get HD voice calling.

So there are now 14 Spark locations in the US. That’s not much, but hopefully more LTE cities get this upgrade. The only compatible devices right now are the Samsung Galaxy Mega, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the LG G2, and the HTC One Max.

Sprint does say that more devices will have access to Spark later, though. The easiest phones that are most likely to have Spark compatibility will be the Galaxy S5, the next-gen HTC One, and most other 2014 devices. So enjoy Spark, those of you that have it.

Source: Sprint via Droid Life

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