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Sony no longer using permanent screen protectors for its flagship devices

Sony Xperia Z2

Most of you might not know this, but Sony actually uses a barely visible anti-shatter screen film on the front portion of its smartphones. This is present so as to restrict the smartphone or tablet from being shattered at impact. However, the company has clarified that it will no longer use this screen protector by default, starting with the Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z2 Tablet. The fact is that while these screen protectors were added for a good purpose, they were a bit of an inconvenience in real world use, especially for people who prefer using phones without any protective layering on the display.

Ironically, this anti-shatter film is also prone to scratches and scuffs, which wouldn’t happen even without a screen protector (thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass). So it seems like Sony has learnt a worthwhile lesson by deciding to not include these screen protectors for any of its future flagships. It’s also good to give the customers a choice to add screen protectors if they want to, rather than forcing them to use one right out of the box.

Via: Android Central

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