Samsung unveils new hexa-core and octa-core chipset

Exynos 5422

Samsung has just announced the arrival of the Exynos 5260 hexa-core (6 cores) chipset and the Exynos 5422 octa-core chipset which is a slight improvement over the Exynos 5420 which was announced last year. This new hexa-core chip has already been used on the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, while the Exynos 5422 will be used in some variants of the recently announced Galaxy S5 flagship.

The Exynos 5422 makes use of four low power 1.7 GHz Cortex-A7 cores and four high performance 2.1 GHz Cortex-A15 cores to simultaneously provide performance and efficiency. The Exynos 5260 on the other hand comes with four 1.7 GHz Cortex-A7 cores and two high performance Cortex-A15 cores clocked at 1.7 GHz. Both chipsets support WQHD (2560 x 1440) and QXGA (2560 x 1600) display resolutions, so they’re well set for the future. While the octa-core Exynos 5422 might be limited to Samsung flagships, we can expect to see the hexa-core chip being used more extensively in midrange offerings around the globe.

Exynos 5260

Both are very capable chipsets and will power a whole different portfolio of Samsung products to markets which don’t rely on 4G LTE. As for markets like the U.S. and parts of Europe, Samsung will have to stick with the latest Qualcomm chips to accommodate for LTE.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow