Samsung posts a teaser for the arrival of ‘Exynos Infinity’

Exynos Infinity

Samsung has just posted a teaser on Twitter speaking of ‘Exynos Infinity‘ which could be a new chipset or a technology that the company intends to show off during the MWC event next week. It is unclear as to what this technology will be at this point, but it seems like the Korean manufacturer has something big under the wraps for next week’s event. Samsung is also expected to announce the Galaxy S5 smartphone on Monday which has already generated plenty of buzz and hype, as with any Samsung flagship, so the announcement of a new (64 bit?) chipset would certainly make things more interesting.

Rumors in the past have stated that Samsung will launch an Exynos 6 and the Exynos S chipset this year, which sounds very likely now with the company posting this new teaser. The company unofficially launched its hexa-core chip recently with the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, so maybe we can expect a word on that too. However, these are all speculations at this point and only Samsung can debunk or confirm them when the time comes. We’ll wait for Monday to learn more about these potential announcements along with the all important Galaxy S5 launch.

Source: @SamsungExynos – Twitter