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Samsung GamePad Android Game Controller Priced at $90

The ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, has seen the introduction of all kinds of devices, from budget phones with decent specs to high end devices with power rivaling laptops and computers.  Most of these devices are perfect for gaming, especially now that developers are churning out great interactive games with amazing graphics.  Samsung knows this, hence the reason it designed and made a wireless controller that will turn your Android smartphone or phablet into a portable gaming console with a controller.

Samsung Gamepad

The new Samsung Galaxy GamePad brings the real hardware buttons that makes Android gaming a whole new experience.  There are of course a number of other smartphone and tablet game controllers in the market, most made by smaller companies, and the entry of Samsung into the mobile gaming market takes the game a level up.  The controller, dubbed Samsung GamePad, will be retailing for about $90 (60 € or £50), brings the old school analogue gaming to touchscreen devices by connecting to them via Bluetooth.

The controller is fashioned out of a glossy and sturdy plastic and it has a clunk that slides out to hold your device in place.  The Gamepad connects to the device via Bluetooth only, there is no physical connection option.  The device works with an S-Console application installable on the device that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.  Samsung days that the app also accesses the Play Store and filters games that it does not support, leaving only games compatible with the Bluetooth controller.

It is now confirmed that the GamePad will be available in the US but no date has been pinned yet.  Samsung priced the console during the WMC in Barcelona although it unveiled it back in March last year and announced in December.  Most Samsung fanatics hoped to get more than a price a year after the device made a grand entry but it seems that even with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the gamepad may not come as soon as we would want.

Rumor has it the Samsung Galaxy GamePad will come with the next version of Galaxy Note, but this could be just speculation.  At least now we have a price, though steep.  For now, can read a hands-on review of the controller on CNET here.


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