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(Update 1x) Samsung Galaxy S5 Possibly Revealed Behind The Gear 2 In Video


With just a few hours to go until the Galaxy S5 officially unveiled, we might finally have our first look at the actual device. So far we’ve only seen the software, but now we can see what the hardware will look like.

The S5 looks like a (as the rumors have been saying) Note 3, in its shape and size. The LED flash looks like it has been moved to below the camera, along with being more square.

It looks like the S5 will come in gold, a black, and white variants. The gold looks hideous, in my opinion. I know I wouldn’t get that model, if I were to get an S5.

There really isn’t much to say, since the S5 is being unveiled on Monday morning at MWC in Barcelona. Rest assured, we’ll finally have all the details on this phone then.

UPDATE 1: It looks like there might be a blue color in addition to the Gold, Black, and White colors. The blue doesn’t look so great either. It’s the one on the right of the Gold S5. This comes to us via Faryaab Sheikh on Twitter.


Source: Gadgetleaks YouTube via Droid-Life and Faryabb Sheikh on Twitter

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