The Samsung Galaxy S5 Has A Fingerprint Sensor In Its Home Button

Samsung is going to release its next generation flagship model soon and as expected the Internet is buzzing with rumors surrounding the deivce. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to replace the S4 as the company’s top device and one of its features that is getting a lot of attention is its fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the first device to implement a fingerprint scanner as we have seen his on the iPhone 5S however how it utilizes this technology is quite unique. Previously it was rumored that the fingerprint scanner was embedded on its display however Sammobile reports that this isn’t so. It appears that it will have the sensor in its home button. This is the same as the iPhone S5, yet the implementation of the technology is different.

Just like its previous flagship devices the S5 is still going to use physical buttons. The fingerprint scanner in the home button works in a swipe manner. A person must swipe the entire pad of his or her fingertip from base to tip for the sensor to work properly. It also must be done slowly and the finger must be flat while running it on the home button. A real time image of the fingerprint will also be shown on the display while it is being swiped.

One drawback to this feature is that it won’t work if there is moisture. This means that if your fingers are wet then the deivce will give an error telling you to dry your fingers first.

Samsung is reportedly implementing the fingerprint technology throughout the operating system. The device can store up to 8 fingerprints with users having the option to specify a different task for each of them. At least one fingerprint must be used to unlock the device.

There’s also a new Private Mode with a Personal Folder which can be accessed by a matching fingerprint, correct PIN input, or correct pattern swipe.

Signing in to a Samsung account can also now be done through the fingerprint instead of typing in the username and password. This makes it more convenient to access the account.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled at the Samsung UNPACKED 2014 event in Barcelona later this month.

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