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Samsung Galaxy S5 Confirmed to Have a 5.2” 560ppi WQHD Super-AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is pretty much still a rumor, but collecting all the tit-bits and leaks published every now and then will reveal that it is quite a classy and powerful phone that is expected to outclass even Samsung’s major rival Apple’s iPhone 6.  Earlier today, I came across this post on CNET which quoted a Russian tipster revealing that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will actually come with a Super AMOLED screen and not Sharp’s LTPS LCD displays as it had been rumored early last month.  You can view the story here.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept_2

Samsung’s next smartphone, we can reliably say, is a 5.24 inch Super AMOLED display with a 1,440 x 2560 pixels resolution, which gives a whopping 560 pixels per inch display resolution.  This is an amazing 1.7 times more pixels per inch than Apple’s iPhone 5 which has a 326 pixels per inch resolution.  HTC One comes close at 446 pixels per inch but remember these two other devices we are comparing with were launched last year and the makers have probably been spending sleepless nights coming up with even more sizzling displays.

Samsung Galaxy S5 devices in some markets will come with an Exynos 6 processor while other markets, possibly including the US, Canadian and European markets will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor on board, these powerful devices supplemented by a large 3GB RAM and a 3200mAh battery.  There isn’t clear information on the internal memory but it is highly expected that the S5 will have 32 or 64 GB onboard memory with a microSD card slot for memory expansion.  Camera wise, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will have a 16 megapixels rear and a 3.2 megapixels front cameras.

How Galaxy S5 Compares with Apple’s iPhone 6

Apple is expected to launch a larger version of their iPhone 6 smartphone later this year and although there aren’t much details about it (thanks to Apple’s tight lid on leaks) but there is enough to know what kind of a device to look forward to.  Although most leaks and speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S5 often come from sources we cannot trust 100%, every now and then we get details, specs and features from reliable sources with a past reputation.

This is why when the South Korean brokerage company KDB Daewoo Securities ran a detailed comparison of the Galaxy S5 vis-à-vis iPhone 6, you should look at it. This source has a history of accurate reveals long before the actual devices debut and they are always right.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6

KDB’s unnamed supply chain sources say that the Galaxy S5 will come with a 64 bit octa-core 2 GHz Exynos and quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon chipset and of course the WQHD2,560 x 1,440 pixels 5.2- or 5.25-inch AMOLED display.  Should we be impressed?  Let’s wait for February 24th and find out.

Sources: CNET and BGR

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