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Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come in Both QHD and FHD Display Models

If you are a big Samsung, Android or Tech fan, you have probably heard and read all the important features and specs of the much anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone, including the rumor that the device could be coming in several variants and in different technologies.  Last week, leaked AnTuTu benchmark results revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would come in 2 different display types – a QHD and a Full HD.  Today, a new rumor seems to confirm the earlier rumor that the Samsung us developing both versions of the S5 but they may be launched at different dates.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumors on the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 display had been very contradictory over the past few days but there is a high likelihood that Samsung could be preparing devices with different screen types and resolution.  This is not unimaginable considering that since the Galaxy S3, Samsung hasn’t shied away from releasing the same device with different specs – case in point, the Galaxy S3 and S4 processors.  US-bound devices have always come with a Snapdragon processor while the international and some other versions have Samsung’s Exynos processor.

As it turns out, if the rumors are true, there will be a higher end Samsung Galaxy S5 than the other when it comes to display.  The ‘standard’ model that comes with a Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels display will be launched earlier than the higher end version with a QHD 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution display.  According to ETNews, a South-Korean news site, there will be at least two variants of the Galaxy S5 and the standard version is expected to hit the shelves sometime in late March as rumored earlier.

There is no timeline as to when the QHD version will be available, or launched for that matter, but considering Samsung’s history, we should see it within a few weeks or months after the launch of the standard version.  ETNews further claims that Samsung was unable to launch the QHD version of the Galaxy S5 along with the standard FHD version because there were difficulties optimizing its image quality.  How this will affect the performance of the standard version on launch though is something we have to wait out.

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Sources: ETNews via Ubergizmo

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